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Joining Policy

RDS has been carrying out agency system to make distribution management more relaxed. It’s neccessary to focus on agents service to apply the superior resources to customers.

Region: at present, the overall market is still mainly in distribution. In the future, RDS will focus on strategic cooperation, and give the agent suppliers "exclusive agent" permissions, opportunities and profits to reduce pressure and cost of the enterprise market management, to achieve win-win situation.

Conditions: in accordance with the RDS agent standard, we should confirm the strength to reach the corresponding sales, abundant funds, channels, and market philosophy. And after consultation between the two sides, the agent authority would be formally issued.

Exclusive Agent: one exclusive agent an area, where RDS does not participate in the offering, shipping, regional protection, and price protection, but only do that to the dealer..

Time: we hope long-term cooperation with strategic partners, so that after assessment, we will not replace the agent but supply support and training. We believe only long-term cooperation would achieve a brilliant future.

Requirements: , emplyee requirements: technical staff, not less than 1; business elite, not less than 2; 1 financial stuff. , industry requirements: familiar with the security monitoring industry, not less than 3 years in the monitoring project, with product distribution experience. , channels requirements: have fixed distribution channels, Projects, the monthly channel sales ≥ what RDS requies. , experience requirements: have a clear understanding of the regional market, insights, familiar with the economic development, city building condition and monitoring market conditions of the counties and cities in the area. , capital requirements: liquidity, not less than 20 million.

Preparation: the related materials, qualifications, and proof is needed. , Documents: business license / copy of legal representative, tax registration certificate, company profile, and relevant certificates. , preliminary investigation: the size of company, capital strength, business products, human resources, sales channels, store numbers, business model, business direction, agent ideas. , sales assessment: three-month for average, agent mode, support applied, but without contract. Signed a the trial cooperation agreement, in which monthly sales of products is agreed. , sales support: in the trial cooperation period, RDS will provide technical support, product training and market guidance. RDS make efforts to assist the agent in marketing, business guidance, and technical support.