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Business Philosophy: Reliable, Dedicated and Superior

Along with the overall development of the industry, it seems that there are a wide range of security products, which look dazzling, but similar and lack of its own style, making contractors and users difficult to choose from. So RDS continues to strengthen R & D capabilities to enhance multiple projects with independent intellectual property rights and patent certificate. While focusing on product quality, we improve product innovation capability, to produce a more superior product to meet all customers’ needs.

Values: Service, Partners, And Win-win

should the enterprise be the pursuit of common development, or individual development? Many companies just simply emphasized the supremacy of the interests of the enterprise, and the pursuit of relationships with customers. But what about staff? And the society? Can’t the staff and the society develop together? Enterprise, as a carrier of the staff should not only pursue individual development, but be responsible for customers, stuff and the society.

RDS have been positioning itself as a social enterprise, employee’s enterprise, and national enterprise, which is committed to the development of enterprises, customers, employees and the society.

Common development with customers: we insist to provide customers with competitive products and services. Our relationships with customers should be brothers and partners;

Common development with employees: while making efforts to the development of the company, employees gain their own development. They help enterprises realize the dream, and enterprise make the stuff achieve their long-cherished wish;

       Common development with the society: it surely promote RDS further forward with the social progress, and the product of RDS will also furtherly service every corner of the society .

Talent System: Adhere To Horse Racing, Not Horse Seeking

In the ancient China, Liu Ji saied in Selling Oranges: fair without and foul within; another horses seeker selected a dirty and thin horse for King Chu, however, unexpectedly, it become the swift horse.

The horse racing mechanism specifically contains three principles: First, fair competition; second, job setted accoding to emolyee’s talent; Third, focusing on training and the development.

Like a long road tests a horse, talent can never be simply rely on a person’s eye,. RDS always adhere to the horse racing principle. Give you the opportunity to showcase your talents, and your ability will explain everything, let your performance prove your worth.