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RDS made a significant purchase last Friday from Streamax for all the DVR/NVR/IPC business except mobile surveillance.

 RDS is one of the top 10 Chinese CCTV  camera   manufacturers based on shipping volume, while Streamax is the leading enterprise for MDVR and mobile video solution.





                                 Platform Management Software

The purchase means that RDS will be equipped with the products, market and patent licensing of all the non-mobile business from Streamax. In the meantime, RDS has hired a R&D team with top engineers in the industry to support the business.  With this integration, RDS will provide a complete video surveillance solution including front-end camera, back-end recorders and cloud server platform by an elite R&D team  and a matured production system with most automatic production technologies.

From the beginning of next month, RDS will supply all the previous products (including DVR, 1080P IPC/NVR etc.) of Streamax and provide technical support. And we will accelerate the research and development of new products as soon as possible. A series of HD analog recorder (TVI/CVI/AHD) and 3MP IPC/NVR will be available in the coming July, so stay tuned!