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1. Q: No Camera Image Output


(1) Check the connection of power, and the output of voltage.
(2) BNC connector or video cable is poor contacted or short-circuited.
(3) Whether the video or auto iris lens control lines drived by DC is connected.
(4) Whether the lens aperture has been opened.

2. Q: Camera Image Quality Is Bad


(1) Video cable connection is bad.
(2) The transmission distance is too far.
(3) Fingerprints on lens or dirty.
(4) Whether iris is well-adjusted.
(5) Whether electronic shutter or white balance settings is wrong.
(6) Whether interference exists nearby.
(7) Whether CS interface is right.
(8) Ensure that the elevtor is insulated when installed.

3. Q: New PTZ Is Hard To Operate Or Even Can Not Work


(1) Insufficient power supply affect PTZ operation.
(2) The change of cameras installation, for example when only upwards allowed, but backwards installed, thus, PTZ operation load would increase, and damage the transmission mechanism, even burn motor.
(3) If the total weight of the camera and its shield over PTZ load-bearing, it would not turn, especially in the vertical direction.
(4) Too high or too low outdoor temperature, wrong waterproof or freezeproof measures will make PTZ operation failures, or even damaged.
(5) When far away from monitoring system, the terminal keyboard can effectively control front camera, lens and PTZ by decoder. This is mainly because when too far, control signal largely reduced, and become too weak. At this time it is necessary to install Signal amplifier on terminal control signal cable to enlarge control signal.

4. Q: Common Fault Of Splitter


(1) The power supply not working properly, caused the splitter locked. Replace the power supply.
(2) Video cable access BNC is bad contacted, causing beating screen.
(3) Misspecification of the program, resulting in confusion splitter. Re-set.
(4) Wrong use of video playback port, so video can not be played back.
(5) Simplex splitter can only be recorded and played back. Only duplex, or half duplex works.

5. Q: Pale Or Bright White Iris At night On IR Dome Series


The reason is that the infrared LED emits infrared light, which refract the lens. The resolution is avoiding infrared light refraction to the lens surface, usually we use sponge circle to isolate lens and infrared light. Ball cover must be close to the sponge circle when in assembly. Night Vision Infrared Dome Camera works in daytime, but whitish at night. This phenomenon is generally due to reflective material or using in a small space. The resolution is to determine whether reflective material exits, and improve the environment as much as possible, then check whether the effective IR distance of the machine and the actual use distance is corresponding; if a long distance infrared machine is used in a very small space, it will cause image whitish due to strong Infrared light.

6. Q: Low Definition, Detail Loss, Even Color Signal Missing Or Color Saturation Is Not Enough.

This is caused by large loss of the high frequency of the image signal, which result in signal above 3MHz missing.Or due to far transmission distance, while no amplification compensation device in the middle; or due to big video transmission cable distributed capacitance; or because it appeared the concentration distribution of equivalent capacitance between the core and shielded wire in transmission line.