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The Peace City


I. Overview

"The Peace City" monitoring system covers the whole city, including pubulic security, traffic management, fire, criminal investigation, etc. It contains Social Security Monitoring System, Transport Smart Card Port System, Electronic Police System, and Social Prevention System, which works independently but cooperatively. By monitering some important areas, such as the residential area, urban roads, commercial centers, entertainment venues, Station Square, we master the unusual circumstances about the traffic and people, and make remote video backup, which is an important part of the construction of police training and technology. It is a indispensable subsystem in the centralized command system of public security, which can be used for monitoring police stations at all levels and sharing information. That helps the social security to be comprehensive managed.

2. The Advantages

1). Remote monitoring: Digitization and networking have become a mainstream trend. Now we make full use of existing transmission resources and Internet transmission platform, can easily remote monitor through the network video surveillance technology.

2). Centralized management: centralized user management, device management, storage management, and image call supported, and without the drawbacks of the analog system of decentralized management, which greatly improve the management efficiency and scheduling capabilities.

3). Flexible upgrade: It’s based on open standard design, and provide the possibility of monitoring points unlimited. The system capacity is no longer dependent on the transmission and node equipment, but can expand and access at any time.The local expansion just need to add the front-end equipment because of the structuring design.

4). Economic architecture: It’s based on IP structure. It’s installed in front of the monitoring points by network cameras and video servers. The system can simultaneously manage data, video, audio and other files to achieve efficient, low-cost management, which saves investment and construction costs.

5). Safety: The system provides a unified user authentication to ensure the legitimacy of user access; At the same time, the unique prevention mechanism is used for network virus attack to improve the security of the system.

6). Reliability: the embeded operating system and modular structure design of hardware improve the stability and reliability of equipment. The heartbeat functionality also supply the technical support for the stable operation of the monitoring equipment and fault alarms.

7). The intelligent Application: motion detection, face recognition, event handling, and other built-in features supported, can enable different storage strategies based on a pre-set time, events, alarms, and other information, and dynamically adjust the clarity of the front-end equipment parameters to realize the intelligent application.   

8). Electronic map function: can easily locate alarm position and clearly monitor the image to provide timely technical support for decision.